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Your Natural Element
"Very unique experience that will stay with me for long."

The Your Natural Element residential training activity provided self-experience, youth work practice and tool kit enrichment with the support of the Five Elements coaching method and the connected martial art and well being tools. As part of it “Learning Marathon” was organized where we create space for youth workers for best practice exchange, to circulate knowledge and tools about resilience and well being.


Your Natural Element aims to address youth workers with risk of burnout and develop their resilience/well-being and beneath that their ETS competences through the 10 days residential learning activities and through the online extended mentoring and dissemination during the 12 month collaboration. Competence development ensured in many ways - 1 residential courses based on the Five Element coaching tools and martial art for well being are meant to serve and develop social- cognitive (ETS) and beyond that, a set of well being-skills essential to tackle and prevent burn out. By which our target groups are addressed due to their high stress youth and social work or due to the covid pandemic. Aims are to support a) recognition of well being development reached at an individual and professional level thus building a positive self-confidence of youth workers and their young target groups; and b) recognition and visibility of positive influences of resilience within non-formal learning and youth work context in general. 

Podcast: How mental health is supported by the Wisdom of the Five Elements? 

Date: 03.-12. June 2022, Bátonyterenye, Hungary

Project Reference: 2021-2-HU01-KA153-YOU-000040236

Five Elements toolkit for well being practices:

Healing Sound SSS
Healing Sound HU
Healing Sound SHU
Healing Sound HAA
Healing Sound HU
Healing Sound HE
Calming Full Body Breath
Seeds of Gratitude
Moving parts into Harmony
Mind your thoughts
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