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AMITY - Friends of Europe

“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible ” Virginia Satír

In the learning and development concept of OM and its network a sustainable future can be built only by conscious, compassionate young people and their friendly communities who are aware in body, mind and spirit - in this way within the network of “Amity” the sustainability our future lies on these two main pillars: mental health/well being and sustainable green actions. A significant and increasing number of young people across Europe are expressing high stress, anxiety, and depression amongst their peers due to crisis situations (war, economy, pandemic,hustle culture). The network aims to focus on prevention measures that ensure young people and their supporters are equipped with the knowledge and the skills required for better mental wellbeing. Beneath this our second pillar is environmental sustainability as a result or a catalyzator of positive mental health and wellbeing states of young people. OM and its network helps youth to create more beautiful, sustainable, inclusive urban and rural environments and communities;recognise that young people should have the opportunity to co-create their spaces they live in and debate behaviors and lifestyles; acknowledge that diverse perspectives and expertise are fundamental to generating beautiful, inclusive experiences. To reach the above goals, in 2023-25 we will: implement 147 national/international non-formal learning activities with the involvement of 2000 youth develop competencies & resilience of 3760 youth workers through 500 international program days, 14 easy to adapt tool kits & 25 international online courses raise awareness about the importance of youth/youth work by reaching 10 000 people, including stakeholders, policy makers trough 8 conferences & 6 social media campaigns.

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