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Choose to be Happy

"It was an amazing journey to self-exploration, habits, patterns, 

triggers and the ways of my reactions to them."

With Choose to be Happy! we wished to address youth workers with risk of burnout, and job quitting and develop resilience/well-being skills. We aimed to ensure strengthening and empowerment of youth workers and provide effective learning and training methods for the sustainability of their profession. Choose to be Happy! contributed:

- to improve the quality of your youth work and life

- to increase the level of your resilience/well being

- to draft a sustainable career path as a youth worker Choose to be Happy! was based on innovative methodological combinations. The primary method is experiential learning: embodied learning, storytelling and theatre improvisation, which we combined in order to reach a positive mental health and resilience approach.

Combining these methodologies can give the opportunity to accomplish the followings:

- professional accompaniment of you and your groups based on connection while maintaining competence boundaries, in a focused but sensitive way

- to support you if you have early symptoms of burnout

- the support the longevity and satisfaction of your youth work career

- to create innovative adaptations and develop your local youth work through a combination of safer, more inclusive approaches that is accessible to handle mild mental health issues in your environment.

Podcast with Ramón Martensen: How fairytelling can support mental health?

You can find here - the Youth worker tool kit for improvisation with groups.

Date: 21.10.-31.10.2022 Hollókő, Hungary

Project Reference: 2022-1- HU01-KA153-YOU -000067174

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